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Alive Mind Cinema Announces the

Alive Mind Cinema Theatrical Series,

a specially-curated series of films

presented in connection with Gathr Films


The Forgotten Kingdom, Daughters of Dolma, Yangsi, and Faith Connections among titles selected for theatrical screenings series, featuring post-screening Q&A, free online access to other Alive Mind Cinema titles, and online filmmaker discussions & interviews available for series subscribers.


NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 4, 2014 - Alive Mind Cinema, a division of Kino Lorber, is pleased to announce the launch of the Alive Mind Cinema Theatrical Series, a monthly national subscription series that will bring new releases from the Alive Mind Cinema label to local theaters, in partnership with Gathr Films.

The series presents documentaries that deal with enlightened consciousness, spiritual teachings and cultural transformation, the core mission of the Alive Mind label.  One new film is offered each month in theaters with a post screening Q&A with the filmmakers or experts hosting a discussion. Series subscribers also receive additional benefits, such as free online access to other titles in the Alive Mind Cinema catalog along with online filmmaker discussions and interviews.

Alive Mind titles scheduled for screenings this summer include the feature film The Forgotten Kingdom, as well as documentary features, Daughters of Dolma, Yangsi, and in September, Pan Nalin's  acclaimed Faith Connections, which will also open for a week run at the Rubin Museum in New York City. The fall schedule will include A Gesar Bard's Tale and Monk With A Camera.

Theaters currently hosting the series include The Dairy in Boulder, Colorado; The Salem Cinema in Salem, Oregon; The Zeitgiest Multidisciplinary Arts Center in New Orleans; The Regent Theater in Arlington, Massachusetts; and the Sedona Film Society in Sedona, Arizona. Other theaters will be announced soon.

"We believe that audiences are hungry for films that engage and inspire. By offering a subscription series to local theaters, we can market to specific interest groups and create community events centered around the films that engage local experts or filmmakers," says Elizabeth Sheldon, the curator behind Alive Mind Cinema and Senior Vice President at Kino Lorber, Inc.  "With the post-screening discussions adding new layers of context and meaning to the theatrical experience, these screenings attract repeat members and become a truly unique movie club." The Company's previous Alive Mind releases included such acclaimed films as El Bulli: Cooking In Progress, Raw Faith, Crazy Wisdom and The Anonymous People, which garnered over $250,000 at the box office through on-demand community screenings in partnership with Gathr."


For more information on how to bring Alive Mind Cinema films to your community, please visit the Alive Mind page at Gathr.






Nationwide Screening Series Commences on June 3 in Major Markets

Including Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC


Kino Lorber EDU Launches JUST GENDER Multimedia Diversity Training Program for Corporations, Universities, and High Schools


May 28, 2014 - Buddha Dog Productions and Alive Mind Cinema today announced the launch of a nationwide series of benefit screenings of JUST GENDER, a feature documentary narrated by Tony and Emmy award-winning actress Bebe Neuwirth, in conjunction with National LGBT Pride Month in June. 


JUST GENDERwill screen in 18 cities throughout the United States, with all proceeds from each screening benefitting a local organization that provides support to underserved members of the transgender community.  The series begins on June 3 in Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia and Washington, DC, before travelling to New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Rochester, Denver, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Atlanta, Miami, Seattle, Tucson, St. Louis and Boston. The filmrecently played to standing-room-only audiences in Tulsa, Fort Lauderdale and Chesterton, MD.  Additional details on upcoming screenings are available at the film’s official website,, and on the film’s Facebook page at .

Directed by George Zuber, JUST GENDERexplores the breadth of transgender diversity and the experiences of daily life within the transgender community. The film puts a human face on the transgender community, and challenges viewers to question their notions of what it means to be male or female. Informative and straightforward, JUST GENDERseeks to counteract the ignorance that drives much of the discrimination experienced by the transgender community.


Robert Boo, Executive Director of Fort Lauderdale’s Pride Center commented, "With Just Gender, we finally have a film that shares more than just one or two personal stories about transgender life.  This film covers so much that is essential to understand in so little time."


Masen Davis, Executive Director of the San Francisco-based Transgender Law Center, said, "What sets Just Gender apart from other films is its comprehensive look at the transgender experience. It both captivates and educates at the same time.”


Kino Lorber EDU is a leading distributor of films to educational institutions, nonprofits and businesses. Because of the powerful impact of JUST GENDER, Kino Lorber EDU is also launching a multimedia corporate diversity training program authored by two of the leaders in transgender education, Jamison Green and Vanessa Sheridan, which incorporates excerpts from the documentary. The company is also planning to release a version of the diversity training program targeted to high schools. To learn more about using JUST GENDER in the classroom or for corporate trasining, please visit


Kino Lorber was founded in 2009 by industry leaders Donald Krim and Richard Lorber, combining the resources, staffs and libraries of Lorber Films, Alive Mind and Kino International to create a new leader in independent film distribution. Through its varied group of labels, Kino Lorber offers the best in contemporary, classic and documentary films that aim to engage, provoke, stimulate, and entertain today's audiences.

Alive Mind Cinema is dedicated to releasing films about transformation, whether personal, spiritual or cultural. Docs such as Crazy Wisdom, El Bulli, The Woodmans and Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow present the power of art and spirituality to transform how we see our world. Learn more at

For more information on JUST GENDER, please visit .

Press Contacts:

Murphy PR
John Murphy/Russ Posternak /

Kino Lorber Acquires All US and Canadian Rights to Jyllian Gunther's Doc The New Public 
Film Illuminates the Challenges and Rewards of Teaching in the Inner City

New York, NY - December 20, 2013 - Kino Lorber, Inc. is proud to announce the acquisition of all US and Canadian rights to the documentary The New Public by filmmaker Jyllian Gunther. 

The New Public premiered at the Hamptons Film Festival in 2012 and since then has become a hit among educators for its insightful portrayal of the challenges facing teachers working with students who are struggling to perform under adverse conditions. 

Joe Nocera of the New York Times recently featured the film in an Op-Ed page article, observing that "The New Public not only shows what goes on in the classroom - which can be rough if the teacher can't manage the classroom - but she also goes into the homes of the students she has focused on. There, the odds that the students are trying to overcome are made abundantly clear." He continues that the movie is an unwitting primer on how to teach disadvantaged students. Until Gunther's movie came along, Teachers College at Columbia used to show "The Wire" to give prospective teachers a feel for what it's like to teach in a disadvantaged community.

Kino Lorber will release the film immediately to the educational market via its Kino Lorber Edu division, where it will be available for purchase with Public Performance Rights and Digital Site Licenses. At the same, Kino Lorber will partner with Gathr to offer the film for on-demand community screenings across America. The company will also broadcast the film on December 31, on the PBS World Channel/America ReFramed series. Later in 2014, the film will be released digitally and on DVD to consumers.
Filmmaker Jyllian Gunther chronicles the first and fourth year of Brooklyn Community Arts & Media high school, in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, where 1/3 of residents live below the poverty line and the graduation rate is 40%.

The film begins in 2006, with a single class of freshman and a team of idealistic educators who set out to create a dream school: an arts-based curriculum and a democratic environment that emphasizes self-empowerment, community collaboration and social change.

Initially, the buzz from everyone was that it is a dream-come true. But conflicts arise when idealism clashes with long-standing realities in the community that are far bigger than the school. Gunther returns in 2010 for the senior year of the inaugural class and experiences how much has changed - for better and for worse. Graduation will be a race to the finish with almost half the class not on track to make it.  Over four years, this cinema verité film follows the journey of students, parents and educators striving to make a difference in the futures of young people whose lives are stark representations of our country's education and opportunity gaps.

The deal was negotiated by Elizabeth Sheldon, Vice President of Kino Lorber, Inc. and Jyllian Gunther, the producer and filmmaker. Jyllian noted that she selected Kino Lorber as her distribution partner for their strong presence and track record in the educational market, and other distribution channels, from semi theatrical to digital and DVD.  

"I am thrilled to be working with Kino Lorber," said Jyllian Gunther. "It's an honor to have The New Public included among such an amazing roster of films, and under the helm of a team with such a clear vision for what each film needs. I immediately felt that they understood the ways The New Public can be used as a valuable tool for educators and the education community at large, while also recognizing the film's potential for a wider audience as an emotionally engaging and complex story. After a long haul, The New Public has finally found its ideal home."

Elizabeth Sheldon says, "The New Public is an important film that illuminates a complex policy issue that America is struggling with regarding how to best reform our education system. Films such as The New Public can dramatically reshape our public debate, both informing and hopefully reforming policy and practices on the ground. Kino Lorber will engage the film's core audience and expand it."

The New Public Trailer  

About Kino Lorber: With a library of 800 titles, Kino Lorber Inc. has been a leader in independent art house distribution for over 30 years, releasing over 25 films per year theatrically under its Kino Lorber, Kino Classics, and Alive Mind Cinema banners, including four Academy Award® nominated films in the last six years. In addition, the company brings over 70 titles each year to the home entertainment market with DVD and Blu-ray releases under its 5 house brands, distributes a growing number of third party labels, and is a direct digital distributor to all major platforms including iTunes, Netflix, HULU, Amazon and others.
Media Contact: 
Rodrigo Brandão - Kino Lorber


NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 5, 2013 - Kino Lorber and Richard Kaplan are proud to announce the support of Carnegie Corporation of New York and the Puffin Foundation for the free distribution of LEGACY OF A DREAM to every middle and high school in the five boroughs of New York on DVD. In addition, Kino Lorber Edu is offering the film for free streaming or download to every school in America at To support these efforts, Kino Lorber Edu is launching a KickStarter campaign, the funds from which will provide access to every student in America to watch LEGACY OF A DREAM. In addition to the 24-minute film, there is a free downloadable teachers' guide.

LEGACY OF A DREAM is an original 24-minute film produced specifically for use in schools that uses selected footage from the 180-minute Academy Award-nominated documentary "KING: A Filmed Record; Montgomery to Memphis" to present a shorter account of Dr. King's non-violent campaign for civil rights and social justice. It uses only original newsreel and other primary material, unvarnished and unretouched, and covers the period from the Montgomery bus boycott of 1955 through his assassination in 1968. This film has a powerful narration spoken by James Earl Jones and provides an excellent overview of the struggle for civil rights and "the right to protest for right."

Edmund W. Gordon, John M. Musser Professor of Psychology, Emeritus Yale University and founder of Head Start, after viewing declared, "...a splendid documentary. I would enthusiastically endorse the idea of making access to this material available to school children in middle and high school." Richard Kaplan, the producer, says, "This is an opportunity to acquaint a new generation with an essential chapter of our history.  As the philosopher George Santayana has said ‘Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’" Elizabeth Sheldon, Vice President of Kino Lorber, says, "LEGACY OF A DREAM is a rare resource of archival material that will bring Dr. King to life for a new generation."

KING: A FILMED RECORD; MONTGOMERY TO MEMPHIS is a 1970 American documentary film biography of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.. The original newsreel segments are framed by celebrity narrators Harry Belafonte, Ruby Dee, Ben Gazzara, Charlton Heston, James Earl Jones, Burt Lancaster, Paul Newman, Anthony Quinn, Clarence Williams III and Joanne Woodward.  When first released, it was shown in theaters as a "one-time-only" event on March 24, 1970 and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.  In 1999, the film was deemed "culturally significant" by the United States Library of Congress and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry.


Contact Information:

Elizabeth Sheldon -

Kino Lorber

333 West 39 St. Suite 503

New York, NY  10018

(212) 629-6880

New York, NY - July 19, 2013 - Alive Mind Cinema, the specialty documentary arm of Kino Lorber, is pleased to announce the acquisition of all rights to Greg Williams' call-to-action film, THE ANONYMOUS PEOPLE. Using faces and voices of concerned citizens, political leaders, corporate executives, and celebrities such as Patrick Kennedy, Chris Herren and Kristen Johnston who reject a tradition of silence, THE ANONYMOUS PEOPLE aims to remove the social stigmas surrounding 23 million Americans in long-term recovery for alcohol and drug addiction.

THE ANONYMOUS PEOPLE examines the political and social impact of this huge segment of Americans living in silence about their recovery. Drawing inspiration from people with other health conditions, such as women with breast cancer and people with HIV and AIDS, addiction recovery advocates are forming a grass roots movement to implement national policy that embraces recovery-based solutions.

By stripping away the sensationalized depictions in the mass media that paint a lurid picture of what is a treatable health condition, the film challenges conventional approaches to recovery such as "Intervention" and "Celebrity Rehab". THE ANONYMOUS PEOPLE instead dramatizes how the addiction recovery movement becomes a means for millions of people to go public and give voice to a historically silent, and hidden, community.

The film will be launched in September via national "theater-on-demand" screenings in over 40 markets in association with Gathr, the national leader in aggregating high interest theatrical audiences for specialized films. Later in the year the film will be available exclusively via Alive Mind Cinema for educational distribution, community screenings and digital download prior to a general digital and retail video release in 2014.

"This film is not your tired old addiction story often seen on reality television or in the news," said the film's producer Greg Williams. "There are no needles hanging out of people's arms, pictures of the brain, or fried eggs in a pan.  We set out to find the answer to one very fundamental question: Why don't we treat addiction in this country like any other health issue?" Elizabeth Sheldon adds, "The documentary is a political catalyst giving voice to a traditionally silent community that will lead to much needed political reform. Alive Mind Cinema is proud to be a partner with the addiction recovery movement."

The deal was negotiated by Elizabeth Sheldon on behalf of Alive Mind Cinema, and David Fox and William Spencer Reilly on behalf of the filmmakers.

THE ANONYMOUS PEOPLE is produced and directed by Greg Williams; written by Aaron Cohen, Greg Williams, Jeff Reilly, and Bud Mikhitarian; executive produced by Paul McCulley; co-executive produced by John Silverman; photographed by Craig Mikhitarian; and edited by Jeff Reilly; with an original score by Brendan Berry.

For more information on THE ANONYMOUS PEOPLE, please contact Matt Barry at (212) 629-6880 or, or visit


New York, NY - July 26, 2013 - Alive Mind Cinema is proud to announce the DVD release of Sushi: The Global Catch, a documentary by Austin-based independent filmmaker Mark S. Hall that examines the global sushi trade and its ecological impact on our planet's fish populations and aquatic ecosystems.

The doc, which Alive Mind Cinema released theatrically last year, comes to DVD on August 6th with a SRP of $29.95. It includes the theatrical trailer and stills gallery.

Sushi: The Global Catch traces the rising popularity of sushi across the globe, from the heart of Texas to the streets of Moscow. Sushi has truly become a culinary favorite for millions around the world. Tokyo's Tsukiji market serves as the central hub for this thriving industry. It is here that Mark Hall begins his investigation of the sushi trade, in this "nerve center" of the industry which sees more fish delivered than any other sushi market -- and more money, too: over $4 billion a year.

However, as the demand for sushi has skyrocketed around the globe, it has also led to overfishing of the Blue Fin Tuna, depleting fish stocks with the potential consequence of throwing off the balance of our ocean's ecosystems.

Mark Hall interviews different individuals involved in the sushi trade and discusses their businesses and restaurants to examine how they have been impacted by the overfishing of Blue Fin Tuna, and their responses to it. In Tokyo, Chef Sugiyama, owner of the Michelin-starred Sushiko, which has been a family business since 1884, is now facing challenges as the world's population of Blue Fin Tuna continues to decrease. In Texas, chef Tyson Cole has incorporated distinctly American ingredients into his "New American" style of sushi, and in San Francisco Casson Trenor, a Greenpeace activist, has opened the world's first "sustainable sushi" restaurant and advocates for the closure of fisheries that threaten to unbalance the world's fish populations. 

Sushi: The Global Catch asks whether or not the current demand for sushi, and the practices of the sushi trade, are sustainable. What can be done to ensure that the Blue Fin Tuna is still around for future generations to enjoy?

Through interviews with individuals involved in the sushi trade, Sushi: The Global Catch poses some important questions about the sustainability of this global culinary phenomenon.

Sushi: The Global Catch won the Special Jury Prize at Seattle International Film Festival 2011, Best Feature - Hawai'i Ocean Film Festival 2011, Audience Favorite - San Francisco Green Film Festival 2012, and was an Official Selection at IDFA 2011.

For more information on Sushi: The Global Catch, or to request a screener for review, please contact Matt Barry at

Sushi: The Global Catch 
Genre: Documentary 
Street date: August 6, 2013 
DVD SRP: $29.95
Bonus Material:  
Theatrical Trailer 
Stills Gallery
Technical Specs:  
16x9 / 75 minutes / English and Japanese w/subtitles / Stereo / Not Rated / Color  
Produced and Directed by Mark S. Hall 
Executive Produced by Dan Green, Scott Gaynor, Alberto Tamura, Robert Barnhart and Lynn Edmundson 
Associate Produced by Sandra Adair 
Edited by Sandra Adair, A.C.E. and Catie Cacci 
Original Music by Brian Satterwhite 
"The World is Awaiting" by Bill Baird

Oscar®-Nominated Documentary King: A Filmed Record…Montgomery To Memphis to Screen in Theaters Nationwide on August 28

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Release of Library of Congress-Restored Film by Kino Lorber Commemorates 50th Anniversary of Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream Speech” and the March on Washington

Media Contact:  Julia Pacetti, JMP Verdant,

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech and the March on Washington, Kino Lorber is honored to release the newly restored and re-mastered edition of the landmark, Oscar®-nominated documentary KING: A FILMED RECORD… MONTGOMERY TO MEMPHISto screen in theaters nationwide for a special one-night, multi-city event on August 28.  In New York, the film will also be presented at BAM’s Rose Cinemas on August 13, and a special screening will be presented at Film Forum on August 28, the anniversary of Dr. King’s speech.

KING: A FILMED RECORD chronicles the life and work of Dr. King, from the start of his non-violent campaign for equal rights to his assassination in Memphis in 1968. Candid footage of Dr. King and newsreel coverage of the protests and counter-protests — of stunning visual quality, from first-generation film sources — are framed by celebrity narrators Harry Belafonte, Ruby Dee, Ben Gazzara, Charlton Heston, James Earl Jones, Burt Lancaster, Paul Newman, Anthony Quinn, Clarence Williams III and Joanne Woodward.  Produced by Ely Landau and associate producer Richard Kaplan, KING: A FILMED RECORDoffers a powerful and comprehensive record of Dr. King's legacy and the American Civil Rights movement, and is an indelible testimony to the power of courage and non-violence.
To access press materials, information on how to host a screening and a list of nationwide events, please visit:
KING: A FILMED RECORD was screened as a one-time-only event on March 24, 1970 and went on to receive an Academy Award® nomination for Documentary Feature.  In 1999, the film was deemed “culturally significant” by the United States Library of Congress and was selected for preservation in the National Film Registry by the National Film Preservation Foundation.
With the cooperation of The Library of Congress, The Museum of Modern Art, the estate of Producer Ely Landau and Associate Producer Richard Kaplan, the newly restored edition of KING: A FILMED RECORD will be screened in association with Gathr Films and the Regal theater chain in between 25 to 1000 cinemas nationwide on August 28, the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, using Gathr’s Theatrical On Demand® technology.
35mm prints and digital DCPs for these screenings were derived from the Library of Congress' preservation negative. The restoration was performed by the Library of Congress in association with Richard Kaplan, The Museum of Modern Art, and the Ely Landau estate.
Richard Lorber, President and CEO of Kino Lorber, says, “It's a great joy and privilege for our company to be associated with such a brilliant film that so honors the legacy of Dr. King. And, the experience of working with an institution of the stature of The Library of Congress, as well as our visionary “theater on demand” collaborators at Gathr films, all reinforce our expectation of a great success in reaching new audiences with this epochal story of a man who had a dream that shaped the future.”
Richard Kaplan, the film’s associate producer, adds, “The wide release of KING: A FILMED RECORD is the fulfillment of my dream to make the film available to a new generation as well as to all those who have heard about the film but have never been able to see it until now.”

Scott Glosserman, CEO of Gathr, states, “To learn that a film existed of this scope and importance that almost no one had ever seen was a jaw-dropping moment. We couldn’t be more excited to assist in the sharing of this magnificent film.”

New York, NY - May 15, 2013 - Alive Mind Cinema has acquired all North American rights to BREATH OF THE GODS, a documentary by Jan Schmidt-Garre exploring the origins of Modern Yoga, from its sacred roots to the present day phenomenon it has become. Yogaeasy called BREATH OF THE GODS, "A very beautiful film, enchanting and astute at once. Great", and Elle praised it as "Enlightening".

Alive Mind Cinema, in partnership with Gathr and Origin Magazine, will premiere the film in 20 cities in August, in addition to a community screening campaign targeting Yoga communities. The film will also be available for digital download exclusively from Alive Mind Cinema, followed by a digital release that will include all major VOD platforms in early 2014 along with a DVD release.

In BREATH OF THE GODS, director Jan Schmidt-Garre goes in search of the origins of Modern Yoga, which is practiced by tens of millions of people throughout the world, and originated in the early 20th century through the teachings of Indian savant T. Krishnamacharya. The documentary follows Schmidt-Garre's investigations into authentic yoga, meeting both relatives and students of Krishnamacharya along his journey.

The film features major names of Yoga including Pattabhi Jois and B.K.S. Iyengar. Jan Schmidt-Garre investigates the transformation of Yoga from its introduction to Western culture in the 19th century, when the practice was met with skepticism, to its widespread acceptance gained through Krishnamacharya's teaching. While Yoga today is a billion-dollar industry with many devotees, this film presents the history of an ancient, sacred tradition with roots going back to the god Shiva.

For anybody curious about the roots of Modern Yoga as practiced today, this film provides an in-depth history, placing the practice of yoga in a spiritual context, the practice of which can lead to union with the cosmic Self.

The deal was negotiated by Elizabeth Sheldon, Vice President of Acquisitions and Business Development, on behalf of Kino Lorber and Jan Schmidt-Garre of Pars Media. Sheldon commented, "Alive Mind Cinema looks forward to bringing this stunning and elegant documentary to big screens around the country, providing American audiences a deeper understanding of the roots of modern yoga and its deep connection to an ancient spiritual tradition. In addition, our partnership with Origin Magazine allows us to reach our core demographic."

Origin Magazine is a platform for Art, Culture, Conscious Lifestyle, Humanitarianism, Sustainability and Yoga. Origin Magazine hosts a connected Art+Conscious Community that Collaborates + Creates, builds bridges and breaks barriers. It is a channel for transformation, connection, vision, intention and creation. "Our ambassador program is the grassroots foundation that makes the Origin family strong, supportive, and powerful. Origin ambassadors hold it down in cities across the country, united in a mission of cooperation, collaboration, and creativity through gatherings, launches, and more. This model connects badasses in each city, supporting conscious businesses, artists, yogis, and musicians", explains Origin founder Maranda Pleasant.

"Our Ambassador program is ideal for a community launch such as Alive Mind Cinema's Breath of the Gods, which embodies Origin Magazine's DNA," says Paul Miller, Executive Editor.

For more information, please visit the BREATH OF THE GODS website at


5 Broken Cameras

New York, NY - January 10, 2013 - The critically acclaimed Palestinian and Israeli co-production 5 BROKEN CAMERAS, co-directed by Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi and distributed in the United States by Kino Lorber Inc., has been nominated by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences in the Best Documentary category for the 85th Academy Awards®.

5 BROKEN CAMERAS has also won the top prize (Outstanding Achievement in Nonfiction Filmmaking) at yesterday's Cinema Eye awards, presented at The Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, Queens. Michael Moore gracefully accepted the award for co-Directors Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi.

"It is an unbelievable honor to be associated with a film of such impact and importance," said Kino Lorber CEO Richard Lorber.

"As unimaginable as it was for this collaborative Palestinian-Israeli film to actually get made, is now the fact that it is being so acclaimed as both a work of art and a landmark political documentary. We are beside ourselves with pride to be the distributor of this unprecedented film."

An extraordinary work of both cinematic and political activism, 5 BROKEN CAMERAS is a deeply personal, first-hand account of non-violent resistance in Bil'in, a West Bank village threatened by encroaching Israeli settlements.

Shot almost entirely by Palestinian farmer Emad Burnat, who bought his first camera in 2005 to record the birth of his youngest son, the footage was later turned into a galvanizing cinematic experience by co-directors Guy Davidi and Burnat.

Structured around the violent destruction of a succession of Burnat's video cameras, the filmmakers' collaboration follows one family's evolution over five years of village turmoil. Burnat watches from behind the lens as olive trees are bulldozed, protests intensify, and lives are lost. "I feel like the camera protects me," he says, "but it's an illusion."

Emad Burnat is a Palestinian farmer and a freelance cameraman and photographer. His experience includes filming for TV channels such as Al-Jazeera, Israeli channels 1, 2 and 10, and Palestinian television. He has also worked with Reuters on several occasions, and filmed footage for the documentaries Bil'in, My Love, Palestine Kids, Open Close, and Interrupted Streams, among others.

Born in Jaffa, Israel, Guy Davidi is a documentary filmmaker and cinema teacher. He has been directing, editing, and shooting films since the age of 16. As a cameraman, he shot the films Hamza and Journal D'une Orange for France 3. Davidi also directed many short documentaries such as In Working Progress, Keywords, and Women Defying Barriers, which were presented in film festivals and venues worldwide. In 2010, Guy Davidi's first feature film, Interrupted Streams, premiered to great acclaim at the Jerusalem International Film Festival.

From NeuFutur Magazine,

by James McQuiston, 12/14/12

"Written philosophical tracts are dry. I feel that Being in the World, directed by Tao Ruspoli, will do more for the discussion of philosophy (and in particular, the branch of philosophy influenced by Martin Heidegger) than hundreds of years of treatises have."

Read more:

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